Kerbside Collection trial
with Horsham District Council

JMP Wilcox, part of the TRI Group, work with Local Authorities across the country to find innovative solutions to maximise textiles reuse and increase recycling rates.

David Johnson of JMP Wilcox said “we are particularly excited to partner with Horsham District Council to trial a new kerbside textiles collection booking service.

We are hopeful new collection methods will continue to extend the lifetime of garments, ensure they find useful new lives and inform on future practices to deliver commercially sustainable EPR”.

Horsham District Council commented:

Horsham District Council are excited to be working with Wilcox on a new trial booking service for the collection, reuse and recycling of textiles from households. Over 835 tonnes of textiles are thrown away in rubbish bins in the Horsham district each year, contributing to waste treatment and making those textiles impossible to reuse or recycle. We hope the trial service will offer a convenient solution for residents to recycle their unwanted textiles from their doorstep, maximising the lifecycle of textiles and reducing the carbon impact of these items going to waste.

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