TRI Vision and Purpose

Affordable clothing for a sustainable world

The TRI business collects, sorts and redistributes over 400 million garments annually, avoiding waste and ensuring these goods continue in a Circular Economy.

“As we both contribute positively to the community at large, it is my strong belief that we will be in business with TRI for many more years to come.”

Owner/Managing Director, Ghana – West Africa

Returning value from pre-loved clothing

TRI collects over 400 million donated garments a year, raising money for Charities, Local Authorities, Schools and Social Clubs.

Renewing quality used clothes and shoes for resale

70% of TRI’s garments are sold for reuse.

Reusing affordable clothing in a sustainable cycle

70% of the world’s population wears reused clothing.

Recycling to avoid waste

An estimated 350,000 tonnes of used clothing enters landfill each year in the UK.

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